We are always pleased to be side by side with our customers from the starting point
to the winning post of their business.

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Giant Point Co., Ltd.

creates quality graphic designs & presentations of products and services that communicate directly to the target with a 360 degree approach. Since our establishment in 2004, we have built a successful record and a strong client base of over 300 corporations throughout the ASEAN region.

Based in Bangkok, the headquarters are where our talented team members devote their careers to create satisfying outcomes for clients, proven from the hundreds of past projects we have been part of. Still, we are on a continuous path of growth and will always be open to learn from new challenges and apply these know-hows into our clients’ marketing strategies.

Time is the best judge when it comes to proficiency; this is why presently Giant Point Co., Ltd. is a turnkey media company with strength in graphic designs & presentations. We help clients emphasize their products’ and/or services’ uniqueness and communicate the message boldly to their target audiences for speedy outcomes. With services that cover the ASEAN region, we warmly welcome clients and are honored to accompany your business from the starting point to the finishing line.


We will consult and  provide solution by any online contact channel to you and after you submit a quotation our project coordinator will coordinate with you until ending the project.

We can provide online and On site service. You can communicate with us by any online channel or we also can l work on-site if required.

After you signed a quotation you will pay following agreed condition terms, and you can pay by electronic bank funds transfer or Paypal.

You will receive the final file within 20 working days.

After finalize project and we got last purchase. We will send you original files via transfer link. All the original working files, artwork and copyrights will belong to you as well.

Yes, You can comeback with in 1 year after ending project and discuss in detail later.

Stay tuned with Giant Point’s latest updates, exchange thoughts, or request for more information about our services through these channelsโฆษณ

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